Tips to Ensure Your Security When Dating Online [Infographic]

Online dating has never been more awesome. In fact, it’s just too awesome to talk to people from another side of the world just by using computers. However, because of this attachment to technology, which contributes to social activities, most people feel their loneliness, driving them to use online dating as an obsession rather than a tool to meet new people.

If you’re planning to try out online dating, make sure to keep yourself safe with this infographic!

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Why Webcam Chatting is BEST in Online Dating


Is what you see what you get?

Sometimes, but not always.

That’s the big picture when it comes to communicating via video chat. True, it’s an increasingly common way to both screen new dates and communicate with existing partners, but there are both pros and cons to this new tool in your dating arsenal.

1. DO use webcam chats to screen new dates.

Of course, it’s always smart to have a few phone conversations with potential dates before you agree to meet them in person.

Using chat lines to find a partner is also a better option. Even better, why not chat via webcam before you meet face-to-face?

One advantage of using this method is that you won’t have to wonder if that sexy, eye-catching photo of your date is from 20 years ago. The camera will show you what he or she looks like and sounds like, too. And webcam chats are a great way to screen potential dates in vacation locales or prior to moving to a new area.

2. DO make sure you set the stage, so to speak.

You can check how you look through the webcam first and adjust lighting, background and the camera angle to create the most flattering setting.

Only you can control what can be seen by the person you’re chatting with, so lean in to offer a sexy close-up of your face, or lean further back for a better view of your entire body.

3. DO set aside uninterrupted time for chatting.

With a phone call or IM in progress, you can multitask without your date noticing and, most likely, feeling irritated by your perceived lack of attention. Not so with webcams!

If you’re fiddling with something, checking your PDA, or in any way focusing on something other than the screen and the other person, it’s as bad as sitting across the dinner table from someone who’s already checked out.

4. DO use the Internet to help you both have fun and stay engaged during webcam dates.

If you are sitting across from someone in person, you can enjoy sharing a magazine article or funny video with each other. Not so with webcam chat. But though your virtual date can’t offer the same accessibility as a physical date would, you can still use the Internet to share links to videos, pictures, songs and documents online.

What a great, high-tech way to discover each other’s interests!

5. DO consider webcam dates if you’re going to be separated for long periods of time.

For example, if one of you gets a work assignment that puts you out of town for weeks or months, webcam chats give you a way to feel more connected than you would through phone conversations, where you can’t see each other’s facial expressions or body language.

When it comes to using webcam chats for dating, hopefully, what you see will be what you get. Live chats won’t ever take the place of in-person dates for assessing your romantic chemistry, but it’s still a worthy tool when used wisely.

And if you and your date will be meeting very soon, these dating advice sites can help you make the date a success!

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Five Ways For Men To Dress Properly For A First Date!

It’s always an exciting day when your call is answered and the person at the end of the phone line is ecstatic to meet you and date you as well. Meeting new people should always be a reason to celebrate, and celebrating, even for men, should be done with great clothing. Five ways is all you’ll need to dress up as the best you could be for your date.

1. Compose Yourself Efficiently

Men, women notice what you’re wearing and if you’re wearing something that is outrageous. My advise to you is to understand the basics of a wardrobe. If you have to use a color wheel, use it to your advantage.

A man aware of clothing patterns, color composition, and overall, looking good, are plus points to women when it comes to impressing them. Your shirt patterns are important. Women also value men who give effort in looking best just for them, especially when they complement the clothing and composition of the women’s’ as well

2. Shoes

Shoes are the first thing most women see in men. A good, well-shined and properly-tied pair of shoes that complement the male’s clothing scores great introductory points to women without even saying anything. For any woman reading this, you know what I mean.

Shoes for women are like the period in a sentence. It’s something that gives closure to a theme presented by a male’s clothing composition. It may not sound as this complicated when your date sees it, but let’s just say it’s completely pleasing to the eyes. This is the aim most men should strive for, definitely.

3. Don’t Overdress, Though

Like what I said in number one, your clothing, if it complements the women’s clothing, is a huge advantage that the woman would love to be with and date you for the rest of the night. However, don’t overdress. You don’t need to wear a coat or suit if you’re not going to the Opera or watching a play.

Don’t underdress as well. Make sure to balance your outfits for the occasion. Guys, if you want to win your woman, don’t say “this is too much” in your head. Embrace it. Girls want you to see them in their best too (and we love it when you appreciate it).

4. Grooming

Hairstyle is important. Hairstyle is a definite factor. The way you style your hair says a lot about you, well in different ways for different people. Let’s just say that you have to look like you’ve given lots of effort for your date and you’re not just looking for someone to bring to bed.

Even if that is the case, women would only go home with men they feel comfortable and safe with. You’re not presenting this if you look haggard, scattered and your hair is all over the place. Wash up, man!

5. Give Her Your Full Attention

Nothing gives a woman the respect and authority she craves than your full attention. Women love nothing more than someone who listens to them, who is detached from their smartphones and work, and has all the time to spend with them.

Honestly, women don’t ask too much from men’s time. They just want men to listen so that they would feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire date.

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